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Jérôme Pace (©Clarisse Pace)

Fine Art Prints

Each print is an original work, numbered, stamped, and signed by me.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, it is made by Atelier Alonso on fine art paper "100% cotton Moab Entrada Bright 300gr - Pigment inks Ultrachome HD Epson".


  • Experience "Aubre"*:  13990 €  (incl. VAT); meeting with the  artist  +   triptych   Aubre  hand  delivery  (3 pictures/  30x40 cm).  Prints   limited   to  8  copies  [1/8] + 2 A/P "artist proof".

  • Experience "Eden"*:  13990 € (incl. VAT); meeting  with  the  artist  + triptych  Eden  hand  delivery  (3 pictures/ 30x40 cm).  Prints   limited   to  8  copies [1/8] + 2 A/P "artist proof".

  • Sold per unit (30x40 cm): 2790 € (incl. VAT) + shipping  costs  (prints  limited  to  15  copies  [1/15]  + 2  A/P "artist proof").

  * Offer valid within the framework of the European Union;         if  outside  the  European  Union,   travel  expenses  to  be         expected.


- the photos are sold without frames; 

- some photos can be printed in a larger format (price on request). 

Contact me: 6 03 66 65 83.

(Payment is made by bank transfer.)

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